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Jonathan Paduano President of Paduano Studios
As a college student, my two focuses were on being a music teacher and a saxophonist in a band. It wasn't until I was accidentally sold as a DJ to a client that my story begins. I had to learn everything about what it is to be a DJ in a matter of months, and spent countless hours trying to pick the brains of people I knew who were DJ'ing. And once I played that final song at my first DJ'd event, Paduano Studios was founded!

When I first began Paduano Studios in 2010, we performed the way most DJs did: one planning meeting before the celebration, same old playlists, same old lighting setups, same old dances, same old everything! I knew there had to be something more in regards to providing exceptional entertainment for both couples and clients looking to celebrate an occasion.

With the help of some amazing friends and family members - and the internet - I found my passion for weddings and events, and in turn have grown Paduano Studios into a full-time wedding and event services company in Syracuse, NY and the Central New York region.

Looking back, it's funny to think of the "same old same old." Have you ever been to a wedding or event and felt like you’d seen it before? That won’t happen with us at the helm of your event. Why? Because we’re tired of the boring event too.

- Jonathan Paduano | Owner

Our Approach

We care about your story together as a couple. We care about your vision for your wedding reception. We care about your guests. We will take the time to meet with you and listen – and together we can create a wedding reception that is completely unique to you, your families, and your guests.

Our years of experience allows us to offer insight into helping you create your own unique and memorable wedding reception. From helping you choose other vendors to developing a timeline – we’re here to help!

We meet with you a minimum of 6 months in advance to begin the planning process, and then two more times after that! We want to be as thorough as possible to truly deliver the reception you're imagining and more.

Maintaining a consistent flow at your wedding is essential to keeping your guests entertained and the energy high. We are hands-on in coordinating with all of the other vendors and VIPs to ensure the event flows efficiently from start to finish.

Master of Ceremonies
Our Master of Ceremonies are trained specifically in weddings and wedding etiquette. We strive to make clear, concise and thoughtful announcements, and remain active coordinating with you and your hired professionals behind the scenes. We’ll keep your guests engaged and having fun without making ourselves the center of attention.

Modern DJs
We play great music. Our team of DJs takes a very unique approach to how we select, program, and mix our music. With our advanced skill set of mixing music, we truly can help create an energetic dance floor unlike any other company in the Syracuse and Central New York region.

From the appearance of our audio and lighting equipment to the attire we wear – we always place an emphasis on being neat, clean, and aesthetically pleasing.

Quality Equipment
Good equipment doesn’t create a spectacular event, but poor equipment sure can ruin one. Our wedding systems are equipped with quality speakers, modern intelligent lighting, and - most importantly - great microphones.

Our Team

Lynette Paduano is a Master of Ceremonies and Officiant from Paduano Studios

Lynette Paduano

Rob Hickey is a Wedding Photographer from Paduano Studios

Rob Hickey

Kinyon Brinson is a wedding DJ from Paduano Studios

Kinyon Brinson

DJ | Production
Mia Quatrone Assistant for Paduano Studios

Mia Quatrone

Live Music | Production
Patrick Burke is a Master of Ceremonies and Wedding DJ from Paduano Studios

Patrick Burke

Master of Ceremonies | DJ
Gabrielle Plucknette is a Wedding Photographer from Paduano Studios

Gabrielle Plucknette


Joshua Paduano

DJ | Production
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Want to join our team?
Michael Gravelin is a Master of Ceremonies and wedding DJ from Paduano Studios

Michael Gravelin

Master of Ceremonies | DJ
Alyssa Paduano is a wedding DJ and production staff member from Paduano Studios

Alyssa Paduano

DJ | Production
Sarah Moth is a live musician and production staff member from Paduano Studios

Sarah Moth

Live Music | Production
Michael Cameron is a Master of Ceremonies and DJ from Paduano Studios

Michael Cameron

Master of Ceremonies | DJ
AJ Roth is a wedding DJ and production staff member from Paduano Studios

AJ Roth

DJ | Production
Megan Ball is a production staff member from Paduano Studios

Megan Ball


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