Memorable Wedding Entertainment

Our Approach

We care about your story together as a couple. We care about your vision for your wedding reception. We care about your guests. We will take the time to meet with you and listen – and together we can create a wedding reception that is completely unique to you, your families, and your guests.

Our years of experience allows us to offer insight into helping you create your own unique and memorable wedding reception. From helping you choose other vendors to developing a timeline – we’re here to help!

We meet with you a minimum of 6 months in advance to begin the planning process, and then two more times after that! We want to be as thorough as possible to truly deliver the reception you're imagining and more.

Maintaining a consistent flow at your wedding is essential to keeping your guests entertained and the energy high. We are hands-on in coordinating with all of the other vendors and VIPs to ensure the event flows efficiently from start to finish.

Master of Ceremonies
Our Master of Ceremonies are trained specifically in weddings and wedding etiquette. We strive to make clear, concise and thoughtful announcements, and remain active coordinating with you and your hired professionals behind the scenes. We’ll keep your guests engaged and having fun without making ourselves the center of attention.

Modern DJs
We play great music. Our team of DJs takes a very unique approach to how we select, program, and mix our music. With our advanced skill set of mixing music, we truly can help create an energetic dance floor unlike any other company in the Syracuse and Central New York region.

From the appearance of our audio and lighting equipment to the attire we wear – we always place an emphasis on being neat, clean, and aesthetically pleasing.

Quality Equipment
Good equipment doesn’t create a spectacular event, but poor equipment sure can ruin one. Our wedding systems are equipped with quality speakers, modern intelligent lighting, and - most importantly - great microphones.

Wedding DJ Pricing

Not having a Wedding? We also specialize in CorporateSchool, and many other events! Just ask!
Signature Rate: $1,495 for up to 4 hours - The base rate for one Paduano Studios entertainer of your choice to serve as your Master of Ceremonies plus one Paduano Studios DJ/Assistant. Allows your Master of Ceremonies to step away from the equipment and focus on the needs of you and your guests while also coordinating with your hired wedding professionals.
Not within your budget? We do offer a Low-Key Rate at $995 for up to 4 hours of Reception entertainment. The Low-Key Rate provides one available Paduano Studios entertainer to serve as both the Master of Ceremonies and DJ for your celebration. Perfect for smaller weddings or couples looking for minimal interaction with their guests.
*NOTE: By choosing the Low-Key Rate, you're agreeing to having an available entertainer assigned to you 4 months before your wedding date!
  • Ceremony Sound System: $800
    • Attendance at Ceremony Rehearsal to guide, inform, direct, and stage all Wedding Party and Family Members
    • Crystal-Clear and State-of-the-Art Sound System
    • Your choice of lapel or handheld microphones for your ceremony to ensure perfect and well-heard Officiant and vows/readings
    • Coordination with all hired wedding professionals to ensure a smooth flow of events
    • Music provided as guests arrive, during the ceremony, and afterwards for beautiful ambiance
    • An MP3 recording of the entire Ceremony provided within one week after your Wedding
    • Save $200 when booking Live Music for your Ceremony
  • Rehearsal Dinner Package: $200
    • A great way to break the ice and get everyone excited for the next day
    • Oration of Wedding Party tasks and duties
    • Personalized and interactive entertainment during Rehearsal Dinner
  • Additional Speakers: $125 each
    • Ideal for multiple room events or indoor/outdoor sound coverage
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