High-Energy School Dances


Have you ever asked the DJ for the latest trap hit or the newest EDM bootleg remix to only get the “who’s it by” response? This is the sign of a DJ who doesn’t know the music! Our DJs not only know the latest hits, but also listen to them on a daily basis.

So what else makes us the right school dance company for you?
  • Custom edits so chaperones won’t cut-off a great song for one bad word.
  • Remixes, mashups, and live video mixes that will WOW your friends!
  • Earth-shaking bass, EDM festival lighting, and hundreds of feet of video screens. Need we say more?
  • We get the music before it’s out on the radio including your favorite underground hits.
  • We have Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Blogs and of course email and text! What easier way to talk to your DJ?


All Syracuse and Central New York DJs should have a minimum $2,000,000 insurance policy, licenses, cleaner-than-radio edits, and a clean record. This doesn’t mean they all do, but the real professionals have these!

So what makes us stand out?
  • Custom clean edits, because the radio does a poor job editing music
  • Custom edited music videos
  • Unique crowd control- we'll work with you on a code system so we can take care of any issues!
  • Our amazing marketing and promotional campaigns always help sell more tickets than ever
  • We’re GREEN! (Low power consumption means you save money!)
  • We fit every budget from $795 to $10,000+.

DJ Pricing

Base Rate - $795 (Peak Season/May-October) / $600 (Off-Peak Season/November-April)
  • 4-hour event time
  • One Paduano Studios entertainer to act as both the Master of Ceremonies and DJ for the event
  • Pre-event consultation with your Paduano Studios entertainer.

Additional Service Add-ons

Additional Area Speakers - $125/ea.
  • Ideal for multiple room events or indoor/outdoor sound coverage
NOTE: Additional speakers included at no additional charge for Receptions taking place in large rooms

Overtime Rate - $150/hr.
  • Can be broken down into $75/30-minutes

  • 1st hour free from Syracuse, NY
  • $35 per additional hour each way outside of Syracuse, NY

Basic Photo Booth Lounge - $895 (plus tax)
  • 4-hour rental (additional hours available at additional cost)
  • Open or Enclosed booth with your choice of curtain
  • High-quality DSLR cameras and studio lighting
  • One Interactive Photo Booth Attendant to setup, run, and breakdown
  • Unlimited sessions & copies (nobody leaves the session empty handed)
  • Email, Text, or post right to Social Media (in addition to printing)
  • Fully-customized 2x6 photo strips (4x6 available at additional cost)
  • Online photo gallery w/ social media integration
  • Basic prop package customized to fit your theme
  • All photos available for digital download after the event

Dance Floor Rental
  • 3' x 3' section (white/black/checkered/wood): $20/section
  • 1' x 1' Sub-Floor (required on grass): $8.50/section

HDTV Package - $500
  • Two (2) HD flat screen TVs on truss towers
  • Custom monogram for your event when TV is on standby
  • Guests can use social media or texts to share photos and messages on-screen
  • Incorporate a custom hashtag into your event and even share your Photobooth images live
  • Enhance your party atmosphere with music videos/graphics displayed on the TV
  • Photo Montage during Dinner (up to 100 photos)
Add Intelligent Moving Head Dance Floor Lighting for $200

Live Bands
Enjoy the intimate sound of a live musical performance
Dance Floor Wash Lighting - $300
  • Splashes of color that flood your dance floor and don't ruin photos

Designer Monogram - $300
  • A way to put your stamp on the day with your school/event logo

Intelligent Moving-Head Dance Floor Lighting - $400
  • Two (2) of our newest synchronized moving head intelligent lights on stand-alone "towers"
  • Lights are fully programmed for your affair and are controlled by a trained lighting technician

Pinspotting - $39/table
  • Accentuate your beautiful floral arrangements/centerpieces in the center of your tables

Pipe and Drape
  • Cover the walls or create showroom booths with your choice of black, white, red, or blue drapery
  • 8' tall - $3/ft wide
  • 12' tall - $5/ft wide

String Lighting - $1/foot
  • Add a romantic bistro/patio look to your party space

Under Table Lighting - $50/table
  • Add a "cool" factor to your room with glowing dinner and cocktail tables 

Beautifully paint the walls of your party space with color(s) of your choice
  • Accent Uplighting - $300
    • Accentuate the background of a stage or focal point in a room
  • Architectural Uplighting - $900
    • Accentuate pillars, columns, archways, doorways, and other architectural features in you party space
  • Full-Room Digital Intelligent Uplighting - $1,700
    • Completely cover your event space with color (and have the ability to layer colors or control color changes for different moments during your event)
    • Includes Under Table Lighting
    • A professional lighting technician to create customized light shows and stage lighting
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